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House of Brunswick

Antique Salter Pocket Balances (Multiple)

Antique Salter Pocket Balances (Multiple)

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You may already have a Salter scale in your kitchen to weigh out flour for your baking but these Pocket Balances are an antique treasure. We recommend keeping this as a decorative piece, not as a working scale but hey, it works! 

History: The pocket balance was first created in 1770 by Richard Salter in the UK. From the late 18th century onwards these scales were widely used in markets, grocers and farm shops – wherever people needed to be able to verify the weight of goods to be purchased in order to calculate the correct pricing. Now it would make a beautiful addition to a stylish home. 


  • Salter pocket balance No 3 (small): 27cm hook to ring. 
  • Salter pocket balance No 2 (large):  33cm hook to ring. 
  • Hughes' pocket balance: 22cm hook to ring. 

Material: Brass body, iron hook and loop. 

Pre-loved: In good condition, beautifully patinated. Some dinks to the metal. Rusted hook and ring. 

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