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Brooke Bond Tea Card Books

Brooke Bond Tea Card Books

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Brooke Bond Tea Cards have a rich history. Cards were collected from Brooke Bond tea packs or Brooke Bond coffee tins and you could also send off for specific cards. From their start in 1954, each collection represented a different series. From 1954-the early 1960s, the tea cards included wild-life-based art collections, including “British Wild Animals” and “Tropical Birds”. From the late1960s, the tea cards depicted history subjects from the “British Costume” to the “History of the Motor Car”. 

This particular collection was collected by my Dad - he is as fastidious as me with these sorts of things! 

Dimensions: 18.5cm X 12.5cm 

Pre-loved: All books are complete except for the Ship and Race into Space books where 2 cards are missing. Some pages must have stuck together at some point in their life as there are a few tiny tears here and there but the general condition of these books is fantastic.  Some small blue biro marks. 

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