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House of Brunswick

Edison Gold Moulded Record (Baby's Prayer)

Edison Gold Moulded Record (Baby's Prayer)

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A fascinating piece of history with the most stunning early 20th century branding. 

About: Wax cylinder records were the first commercially viable method of recording and playing back sounds. The phonograph was invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison, who successfully recorded sounds on a thin sheet of tin foil wrapped around a metal cylinder. Returning to audio devices in the late-1880s, after successfully developing the incandescent lightbulb, Edison introduced wax cylinders. This type of record, an ‘Edison Gold Moulded Record’, was introduced by the company in 1902 and is made from an improved black wax, improving durability. These records were made from a master mould, which only required a single performance from the artist, allowing easier mass production than with the previous methods.*

The cylinder, now sadly broken, is a recording of 'Baby's Prayer'. 


Pre-loved: the box packaging is in good vintage condition. The wax cylinder inside is now sadly broken. 

*information sourced from the V&A website. To read more click here

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