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House of Brunswick

Rare Portmeirion Coffee Cups

Rare Portmeirion Coffee Cups

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Every now and again we stumble across a rare piece or two. These Susan Williams Ellis Portmeirion Coffee Cups are exactly that. 

The 'Chemist Prints' range of pottery ware started life being called 'Medicine Prints' back in 1962. Susan Williams-Ellis re-used the nineteenth century copper plates that she inherited when she bought Kirkham's and remade the pharmaceutical and medical prints and labels to decorate her pottery ware. The bizarre range of slogans and adverts included 'Horne's Odontoline toothpaste', 'Deckers Sulphur Scurf Pomade ', 'Universities Toilet Club', 'Cold Cream' and 'Superior Potted Yarmouth Bloaters'.

As usual as this range was it fitted in with the 'Carnaby Street' style that was so popular around that time and continued on until the 1970's, although pieces are difficult to find nowadays.

Dimensions: 6cm height. 

Pre-loved: one or two tiny chips on the rims of the cups. 

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